Proofreading Rates

Standard (2-3 business days): $.35/page

Rush (less than 48 hrs): $.50/page

Daily (less than 24 hrs): $.75/page

General Policies


~ Any new clients will receive the first 15 pages proofread at no cost. 

Please complete the Reporter's Preference Sheet below so I can know what style editing you prefer.

~ Please submit the transcripts to me in PDF format. You can use this free PDF converter.  I can assist you with any questions you may have.  

~ I will return the edited pages to you in PDF format. There you will find yellow highlighting, red corrections, and blue comments.  Only the pages with errors will be returned to you.  Open this file with the latest version of Adobe Reader to ensure all corrections are visible.


~ I reserve the right to charge an additional $.10/page for obviously unedited work and for highly technical transcripts that require more research time on my part.  I will let you know in advance of the need for an upcharge.

~ If you have a RUSH job, please send it to me in smaller parts so that we both can be working on the transcript at the same time.

~ For existing clients, invoices will be sent out on the 1st and the 15th of the month with all completed jobs for the prior two weeks included.  Payment is due within 7 days.  New or one-time clients will be billed upon completion and due within 3 days.

Reporter's Preference Sheet